Schedule cosmetic surgery around holidays

Best time to schedule cosmetic procedures

You may be surprised to learn that one of the best times to schedule cosmetic procedures is around the holidays.

You need time for the procedure and recovery whether it’s surgical or non-surgical. Although many procedures require very little downtime, you still want some time to relax and heal before going back to work or returning to your normal routine.

Although cosmetic procedures don’t jump to the top of your mind during the holidays, you should think about it. The holidays can be a great time to schedule cosmetic procedures in Naples, FL, Fort Myers, FL and surrounding areas.

Since we are in sunny, warm, Southwest Florida, you don’t have the hassles you’d have up North. You don’t have to worry about snow or slippery ice. No blizzards will keep you from making your appointment or follow up appointments.

It’s also a good time because things tend to slow down a little over holidays. If you are working, you likely have time off and some long weekends. A lot of places close at least a day or two and you take a short break from your normal routine. Since you already have some time off, it’s a good time to schedule cosmetic procedures. You won’t have to use vacation or sick time and you can return to the office with renewed spirit.

If you prefer to keep your cosmetic procedure private, you won’t need to tell anyone why you are taking off or return to work right away when there could be some visible signs such as bandages.

Although we are approaching Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays, any holiday is a good time to schedule cosmetic procedures.

If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, schedule a free consultation with EMPIRE Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa™ in Naples or Fort Myers, FL, to determine what procedure is right for you. Call (239) 900-9640.

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