Radio Frequency (RF)

Are you Looking to treat sagging skin without downtime?  Our Radio Frequency Skin Tightening treatments utilize cutting-edge technology to achieve a non-surgical Skin Tightening and wrinkle reduction.

We are excited to offer our clients the latest technology in Skin Rejuvenation and Tightening, also known as RF (radio frequency) the system provides a non-surgical face/body lift and is designed for all skin types in need of extra toning and tightening, it is able to be applied to most areas of the face and the body.

Benefits of Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening

  • Quick, safe and non-invasive
  • Promotes cellular turnover
  • Simulates collagen and elastin production
  • Encourages blood circulation
  • Imparts a radiant, healthy glow
  • Lifts, firms and plumps the skin

Radio Frequency (RF) is like a nonsurgical treatment that uses a thermal effect to gently reach both the surface and deeper layers of the skin. By heating the subcutaneous tissue, it triggers the skin’s regenerative process from the inside out. Existing collagen fibers contract and regroup, which works to tighten the skin. New collagen growth, blood circulation and cellular turnover are encouraged, which works to plump and firm the skin. And, because RF uses low frequency to safely stimulate the subdermal level, it strengthens the strands of deep collagen that weave together in between fat to provide a greater network of support for the skin.

Radio Frequency (RF) Procedure Prices

Area Per-Treatment Price Pre-Pay for 5 Get 1 Free
Neck $150 $750
Full Face $195 $975
Upper Arms $195 $975
Thighs (front & back) $225 $1,125
microdermabrasion procedure

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